About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we combine your individual situation with our years of financial experience and tax knowledge to successfully deal with the aggressive tactics of the IRS and resolve your IRS problems permanently.

We understand that taking on the IRS alone can be overwhelming and ineffective. It requires someone knowledgeable enough to call the IRS’s bluff when they’re not following their own rules and regulations. We are the experts who can represent you before the IRS and preserve your rights!

Our Story

Large tax resolution firms advertise all over the TV, radio and internet. I am sure that you are familiar with them and have seen their ads but what are the odds of ever really meeting the person that claims to be so knowledgeable? Do you think the face plastered all over these advertisements is the expert working for you, meeting your individual needs and understanding your unique situation? Odds are, it’s not.

At New Horizons Tax Relief, we strive for something different, a personal approach. My name is Douglas Gignac, CPA, I am the President of New Horizons Tax Relief. My wife Kim and I founded New Horizons Tax Relief with a common goal in mind, to create and successfully implement a different approach into the impersonal and complicated world of finance. We accomplished this by making it our mission to practice with one simple principle in mind, that you are an individual and you come with your own unique and personal story. With the combination of your story and our decades of experience and expert tax knowledge, we create a unique process of financial healing that will result in finding you permanent financial relief.

So, unlike those large tax relief firms, our personal approach guarantees that you will meet directly with me, the President and CEO, Douglas Gignac, CPA for a tax relief plan tailored for your unique situation. I will personally make sure I meet with each and every client and use our Exclusive 4 Step Process to tailor a tax relief plan just for you. With 25 years in the tax business I will ensure that you and your rights are protected.