Audit Representation

Receive an IRS Audit Letter?

You Don’t Have to Talk to the IRS Auditor!

If you are being audited, or about to be, the IRS will ask you about 50 very intrusive questions in the initial interview. How you answer these questions will dictate the fate of your case.

Receiving an IRS audit letter is frightening and intimidating. The experience can be complicated and it requires you to spend your valuable time gathering and organizing information, and learning a tax law that could seem impossible. A tax audit is serious and your money is stake!

When it comes to tax audits, the IRS wins 80% of the time, Taxpayers are deemed guilty till proven innocent, which means the IRS can start an audit by disallowing every deduction you made on a return until each one is proven to be legitimate. If a taxing authority had seceded to audit you, it’s import that you don’t let yourself be pushed around by the IRS. Additionally, if you don’t file your taxes, the IRS may file them for you.

You Can Beat the Odds When Facing an IRS Audit!

If you have received notice that you or your business has been selected for a tax audit, don’t worry, even the IRS does NOT expect you to brave it alone. They allow and expect you and your business to be represented by a tax resolution professional.

You Don’t Have to Talk to the IRS Auditor

As a matter of fact, going or talking to the auditor yourself is the worst thing you can do.

The taxpayer Bill of Rights allows you to be represented by a qualified practitioner who can answer questions for you and provide documentation to hire the person who prepared the tax return to handle it for them.

The reason this usually does not work out is because most tax return preparers do not handle IRS audits on a daily basis. The IRS can easily intimidate them, which usually results in an unfavorable outcome.

Go to a Specialist in tax Resolution to Handle your IRS difficulties.

Many of our clients have tried to handle their IRS tax problems with their current CPA or tax preparer, or even by themselves, ending in frustration and poor results. The only professionals who can represent you before the IRS are attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents. That’s it! These are the ONLY PEOPLE on the planet that the IRS recognizes and can represent you. So, should you go to any CPA, attorney, or enrolled agent to handle your IRS tax problem? I think it’s best to say you should go to a specialist in tax resolution to handle your IRS difficulties.

Who Should You Hire to Represent you?

  • Someone who knows all the ins-and-outs and navigates the IRS maze daily.
  • Someone who knows how to protect you and your rights.
  • A competent professional who cares about you and is an expert in taking on the IRS.

New Horizons Tax Relief are experts in tax resolution and help taxpayers with their IRS problems every day. Legal representation for audits vastly improves your chances for successful tax resolution. As the proverb states, “he who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. Treat an IRS audit as seriously as you would a murder trial.

The best way to end an IRS audit with a great outcome is to end it at the FIRST meeting.

Whenever our firm represents clients in IRS audits, we perform an actual trial audit in our office before we ever meet with the IRS. This allows us to know which areas need more documentation or answers. When we meet with the IRS, we can quickly answer the auditor’s questions, provide documents and get to the bottom line. We always meet the IRS at their office or at ours, but NEVER at the client’s.

Having a tax resolution specialist conduct these meetings WITHOUT you is the best course of action I can recommend. Half of the referrals to the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) come from that “nice” IRS guy or gal you’re sitting across the table from during the audit.

Would You Want Your Case in Court Without a Lawyer?

If you answered “yes”, I hope you know the law inside and out concerning your case. But if representing yourself doesn’t seem like a good idea, it’s best to hire someone who is well versed in the subject matter. Well, it’s the same thing with the IRS. Hiring someone who knows how to negotiate and deal with the IRS may be the best money you’ve ever spent!

But You Need to Take the First Step!

It’s up to you! You have nothing to lose, and the consultation is FREE. Call and schedule an appointment, and we can go over all the ways we can help you. All matters discussed will be confidential.

Call our office today at (844) 200-8686 to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation.


Have you been audited and NOT happy with the results?

You may have recently been audited and believe that the findings were unfair or impartial? If you do not agree with the results of your audit, you have a right to appeal. You can appeal your case to the Appeals Office of the IRS within 30 days from the beginning of the IRS agent’s report.

You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, would you?

It is important that you are well represented with an experienced and knowledgeable CPA. New Horizons Tax Relief will prepare and file a tax protest requesting that your case be heard by and Appeals Officer. We will than meet with the appeals Officer to present and negotiate your critical case.