Penalty Abatement

Penalty Abatement

Have You Been Using the Hope and Pray System

to Solve your IRS Problems?

That system doesn’t work! IRS problems have a way of ruining all aspects of your life and as time goes by, the IRS adds salt to your wounds by adding penalties to what you already owe. It’s like the meter in a taxi cab; the counter keeps going, adding more and more charges to that IRS debt – even when you are standing still. Many times the penalties and interest end up being more than the actual taxes you owe to the IRS.

If I Can’t Afford to Pay My Taxes,

Why Do They Keep Adding penalties?

The IRS doesn’t like being ignored, so this is how they get your attention. They want to be sure you know they are not going away. It’s like they haunt you with their ongoing letters. If you don’t respond to them, the penalties they tack on are like a club they keep hitting you over the head with. Penalties are just the beginning of what they can do to your life.

The IRS Has Loopholes…. AND WE WILL FIND THEM!

Contrary to popular belief, you DO have rights as a taxpayer, rights that you probably don’t even know exist. The laws have changed over the years… there are laws to protect taxpayers nowadays. Years ago you were just at the mercy of the IRS but now you have a chance to get your life back!

New Horizons Tax Relief specialists analyze your life circumstances to determine whether you fit within any of the categories or policies under which the IRS must, or has the discretion to, forgive your IRS penalties. We can and will find the best option to reduce, if not eliminate, any and all penalties and interest.

We will personally, confidentially and closely examine what type of tax is involved, when you were first notified by the IRS in writing about the deficiency or payment, the specific period for which you are requesting abatement of interest, the specific circumstances of your case, and more!

We Are Like an Armored Shield Protecting You!

We challenge each and every part of your tax debt. There are many avenues to explore that will relieve you from this nightmare AND WE KNOW THEM ALL! Once you sign a power of attorney, a document that says we are representing you, the IRS is not allowed to contact you directly any longer. Just like that, you are free from the nightmare of being harassed!

When the IRS knows an experienced, competent tax resolution professional is working on your case, they know you are serious about resolving your tax problems. We handle all of the phone calls, correspondence, meetings, and negotiations, so you don’t have to!

Should I Hire a Professional

to Help Resolve My IRS Problems?

You have the right to representation! If an IRS revenue officer or agent calls or “visits” you, did you know you are under no obligation to answer any of his or her (very intrusive and condescending) questions? You politely respond by asking for the agent’s contact information and telling him or her that you are in the process of hiring a professional to represent you and that this person will contact the agent directly. A CPA or an EA who deals with the IRS problems for a living knows the “ins” and “outs” and how to deal with the IRS so that your rights are protected. A tax resolution specialist also knows how to get you the lowest possible settlement. Generally, our clients never meet or speak with the IRS once we’re on the scene!

Sometimes taxpayers with IRS tax problems decide to face the IRS on their own. Sometimes they hire a professional like a CPA, an attorney, or an enrolled agent, but NOT someone who specializes in tax resolution. The best thing to do when faced with an IRS problem is to hire an expert in tax resolution so you can get the best result possible.

We have settled many of our clients’ cases helping people reduce the amount they owe the IRS, including getting penalties and interest removed. When I say settle, I mean completely, 100%! We are the tax resolution “boots on the ground” battalion.

But You Need to Take the First Step!

What are you waiting for? We can’t help you until you take that first step. It’s up to you! You have nothing to lose, and the consultation is FREE. Call and schedule an appointment, and we can go over all the ways we can help you. All matters discussed will be confidential. Even if you’ve been turned down before. Don’t wait another minute. Let us help you find your NEW HORIZONS.

The call is FREE the RESULTS are PRICELESS!